"What's In the Governor's Budget? A Review of WISDOM's Priorities". Feb 20

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On Tuesday evening, Governor Evers will present his proposal for a 2021-23 State Budget.  That budget will control a lot of what will happen and what is possible in education, criminal justice, health care, transportation, taxes, local government...  just about everything we care about that happens through state government.

On Saturday WISDOM will hold a webinar called "What's In the Governor's Budget?  A Review of WISDOM's Priorities".  We will look at all the areas in the Governor's budget that correspond with our issues. 

Saturday, February 20
9:00 am

Click here to register:  Feb 20 State Budget Webinar 9 am.
You will get an email with a link to join us on Saturday.  

  • We'll see which things proposed by the Governor are things that match our priorities: we need to support them. 
  • We'll see which things are missing: we need to encourage the legislature to add them. 
  • We'll see which things are in there that shouldn't be: we can encourage the legislature to take them out.

Citizenship is about voting.  It is also about staying informed and involved when big decisions are being made.  We can do both this week!

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