Days of Action: No War with Iran! End the Sanctions Now! Feb 18-21

Event Dates: 
02/18/21 - 02/21/21
Thursday - Sunday, February 18 - 21 - Days of Action: No War with Iran!End the Sanctions Now! 
United National Antiwar Coaltion's group - "Youth Against Empire" has called for this important action
We encourage participating groups to organize banner drops, rallies, forums, honk and waves, etc. between February 18-21. Time is running out to avert yet another war for oil and hegemony in the Middle East.
There have been numerous attacks from the US and Israel against Iranian military leaders and scientists.  President Biden has refused to go back to the JCPOA nuclear deal unless Iran agrees to additional concessions.  This despite the fact that it was the US who unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran.  Join us!