Healthy Workers, Thriving Wisconsin Feb 15

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Mon Feb 15 12 noon Healthy Workers, Thriving Wisconsin - webinar . Presented by the UW Population Health Institute and UW School for Workers.Register here:
This webinar will discuss the finding from two recently released reports on COVID-19 and essential workers:
The first report “Healthy Worker, Thriving Wisconsin: Solutions Addressing Lack Of Income As A Barrier To COVID-19 Isolation And Quarantine,” released Jan. 5, 2021, analyzes three policies - paid sick leave, workers’ compensation changes, and direct payments - and their impact on worker health and COVID-19 spread. In addition to the executive summary, we also now have an infographic that describes what we found.
The second report “Voices of Wisconsin Workers: A Community Engaged Study of Essential Workers during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic,” due to be released Feb. 15, 2021, provides a qualitative analysis of the daily lived realities that Wisconsin health care, education, food processing, agriculture, construction, and undocumented essential workers have experienced during the pandemic. A set of recommendations is provided in the report that address pandemic specific work condition concerns from worker perspectives.
During the webinar, we will briefly describe the findings from the reports and we'll hear from workers about their experiences related to isolating/quarantining without income. We'll also have time to discuss how people can get the findings into the hands of decision makers, building off the press we've already gotten (WI Examiner, WI State Journal, WUWM). We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure workers in Wisconsin have what they need to be safe and healthy during COVID-19.
Armando Ibarra, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Labor Education | School for Workers.
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