Widening the Circle: Restoring Dignity to Farming and Food March 7

Event Dates: 

Sunday March 7, 2 pm Widening the Circle, - virtual zoom call.   Restoring Dignity to Farming and Food

This week's zoom call will feature two passionate and knowledgable guests on farming and food.

As more of us reawaken to the importance of eating good nutritious food, it is necessary that we understand our current food systems, the politics that run those systems, and how we can best help restore and return dignity and well being to all who are engaged in the basic art of feeding us.
Joel Greeno is the current president of Family Farm Defenders. He is a farmer in Southwestern Wisconsin and through association he is well versed in farming practices throughout the world.
Melody Morrell has worked at The Cornucopia Institute for the past eight years. Her deep love of food, and the soil it comes from, has made her a fierce protector of organic integrity.


With the goal of staying connected and building community, Echo Valley Hope is reviving "Widening the Circle" programs. No, not the concerts of the past. This time we are doing it on zoom and you are invited. Every Sunday we will be hosting a zoom call with people from a variety of disciplines who share in common respect of the earth and for her people and are who working to make things better.The calls will last 45 minutes. Each call will be taped and later shared on social media.  To join the zoom call, go to: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86996626149?pwd=T3l6R29yUk8zZ2VIdDFwNUh1c3VWdz09

Future conversations will focus on one of the following topics and the call and guest(s) will be announced on our facebook page early in the week: mutual aid, restoring natural economies, food sovereignty, war and peace, restorative justice, nonviolence, land sharing, Landback and Indigenous struggles, cooperatives, Queer and LGBT+, building right relationship, Black Lives Matter, immigration and ICE, storytelling, artists in action, gardens, seed saving, unhoused not homeless, and more… We will bring to you information from people who are actively engaged in creating new possibilities in these interrelated areas. Questions? Contact  dena.eakles@gmail.com  or see http://echovalleyhope.org/  or see https://www.facebook.com/EchoValleyHope