"Countering Military Recruitment in Our Schools” Feb 11

Event Dates: 
Thursday, Feb. 11, 6 pm Countering Military Recruitment in Our Schools using a program called  'Before Enlisting' -   - a virtual program that one branch of WILPF created that can be used across the US with other interested groups. (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom https://www.wilpf.org/)
'Before Enlisting' is a virtual counter-recruiting project developed in East Bay, CA that brings veterans into high schools and onto college campuses to offer a different view of what life in the military is really like, to counter the billions spent each year on military recruiting ads and outreach to high school and college students.    These days, with less jobs available, kids are more inclined than ever to choose the military, and the ads certainly play to their love of video gaming and 'a few good men/women' ethos.  They are feeling military service is their only option, without fully understanding the risks.   asking your branch to send a representative to the call, to learn about the Before Enlisting project, and bring the information back to your branch for discernment -- to determine if it's something you could launch locally.  
By using "Before Enlisting' tools:
·     you can help give students the full picture of life during and after the military so that they can make an informed decision about their future after high school.
·     you could create positive ongoing relationships with current/new veterans in your area and high school/college teachers and students... all of whom could benefit from knowing about the work of WILPF US.
Here is the REGISTRATION LINK for the ONE WILPF Call to share with allies.
This is a Maestro call, for which you will need both a phone and a computer screen. You will be sent a link on Feb. 9th after you register.  
From: Marybeth Gardam for the ONE WILPF Call Team. Sent to WNPJ by Mary Sanderson of WILPF mhsanderson@hotmail.com