"Who Are My Legislators? What Is Their Role?" State Budget Webinar Feb 9

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"Who Are My Legislators?  What Is Their Role?" is the topic for the next WISDOM webinar regarding the state budget process.
State Budget Webinar
Tuesday, Feb 9 
5 - 6 pm
Register here:  Who are my legislators? What is their role?  
After you fill out the form, you will get an email with the link to use on Tuesday.
On February 16, Governor Evers will present his budget proposal, covering many of the issues we care about.  After that, for the next several months, the Budget will be in the hands of the state legislature - the Assembly and the Senate.  Every one of the 132 representatives in those two bodies has a chance to help shape the budget.  Some have a bigger role than others, but all have a voice.  On Tuesday, we'll talk about how we can have an impact on the budget process as it moves through the legislature.
This webinar is part of the "WISDOM School of Democracy" series. 
Our goal is for all of us to know more about how our system works, and how regular people can come together to have an impact on the policies that will affect our lives.  To review the schedule for up-comming sessions and to view the videos of previous sessions, see WISDOM's School of Democracy - WISDOM Wisconsin.
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