Discussion of juvenile justice in Wisconsin Feb 10

Event Dates: 

How do we end mass incarceration in Wisconsin? By cutting off its food source: juveniles!

As we prepare to elect the next State School Superintendent, please join us for a timely discussion.

Wednesday, February 10
6:30-8:00 PM
On Zoom: Click here to REGISTER

We will cover:

  • What is the school to prison pipeline? 
  • How do we most effectively dismantle it? 
  • How do we as parents, educators and beloved community members protect our children from entering a system that turns into a life sentence? 

Join hosts Carl Fields & Kelly Mahoney of EXPO as they discuss juvenile justice in Wisconsin with the experts:

  • Arelia Bautista, FREE MKE Leader
  • Christal Arroyo, FREE MKE Organizer 
  • Brandi Grayson, Urban Triage (Invited)
  • David Bowen, WI State Representative 
  • Dominee Meeks, WAYJ 
  • Jerome Dillard, EXPO Statewide Director
  • Ramiah Whiteside, EXPO
  • Sharlen Moore, Youth Justice Wisconsin

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