Wisconsin Intentional Community Convening Feb 13

Event Dates: 
Sat. Feb. 13, 2 pm Wisconsin Intentional Community Convening – Zoom event! We know the value of living in community with one another. What we may not know is all the other people around the state who share a similar vision or practice. The purpose of this virtual gathering is to highlight a few of the intentional community projects and provide space for us all to connect. What can we learn from one another? Are there opportunities to join existing projects, or find new partners for a dream in process? We will share the information you provide with all participants, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about the people and places where the magic (and work) is happening. For more info and to register, visit: https://tinyurl.com/intentionalcommunities. Sent to WNPJ by Madison Infoshop - jepeck@wisc.edu