"Put'em Down Milwaukee" for National Gun Violence Survivors Week Feb 1

Event Dates: 
Monday, February 1st, 5 - 7 pm  "Put'em Down Milwaukee" for National Gun Violence Survivors Week. at King Solomon Baptist Church, 2375 Vel R Phillips Ave., Milwaukee.
Speakers: We have several Mothers who lost loved ones due to Gun Violence Including the mother of Sandra Parks, 13yrs old who was killed while she was sitting in her bedroom in 2018.
Other Guest Speakers:
-County Executive David Crowley
-Acting Chief of Police Jeffery Norman
-State Senator Lena Taylor - Maybe, She has a busy schedule that day.
-County Supervisor Felesha Martin
Video Recording from Mayor Barrett
Also, we will show the Music Video Put'em Down - Put the Guns Down - https://youtu.be/emUI00knKrM
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Allied with Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate, Voices Against Violence Coalition