Perils of PFAS: Our Health & Regulation - with ALinda Birnbaum, PhD - with WEHN - Feb 25

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Thursday, February 25, 7 pm “Perils of PFAS: Our Health & Regulation” with ALinda Birnbaum, PhD. On-line. Part of the Health and Environment Series: Making the Connection sponsored by The Wisconsin Environmental Health Network. WEHN is a group of healthcare professionals collaborating with local environmental advocates, Wisconsin environmental groups, and conservationists working to inform healthcare professionals, the public, and policy makers about the effects of environmental toxins and climate change on public health. This series of 4 presentations (2/11, 2/25, 3/11, and 3/25) features recognized speakers in environmental health who are committed to uncovering the health effects of environmental contaminants and putting a stop to their presence in the environment. To register for this FREE series, visit: .  Sent to WNPJ by Marina Steiner,