Film "Hunger Ward" - Jan 16

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Saturday, Jan. 16, 1 - 2 pm Film "Hunger Ward" (Arabic with English Subtitles) followed by a Zoom panel in English with Rep. Ro Khanna & others.  Register here.  .Background: January 25 has been declared an international day of action against the war in Yemen, where massive bombing and a naval blockade are creating a crisis of horrific proportions for the people of that country. US tax dollars and political capital, in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel among others, have been used to instigate, fuel and prolong this war, creating misery, disease and starvation for millions of people. With the change of administrations in Washington, there is a chance to change course and finally stop this madness. Madison Rafah Sister City Project has endorsed the January 25 call and is planning a local action.  In the meantime, we invite you to view the free video below about Yemen and if you are interested in helping locally, please reply, using this email address: . Yemenis have a long history of support for the Palestinian cause, and it is hard to ignore the parallels of bombing- and blockade-induced suffering when it comes to Gaza. We invite you to join this long-overdue effort to stop their suffering.