Dr. Robert Reuschlein (Real Economy Institute) on talk show - Dec 14

Event Dates: 

Talk Show Appearance for Robert Reuschlein (Dr. Peace) 4:10-6:00pmCT Monday Dec.14th


Dr. Robert Reuschlein (Real Economy Institute) will be the guest on the Alex Darnell syndicated talk show of KSCO (http://ksco.com/), Santa Clara, CA, US.
The broadcast time is Monday, December 14, 2020 from 4:10-6:00 PM CT.

There is a free "listen live" show option on the left-hand side of the KSCO.com home page, scroll down slightly.  Archives will also be available.  Also archives are here:  http://www.zbsradio.com/show_detail/id/66