Annual Longest Night Event - Madison - Dec 21

Event Dates: 

Mon Dec 21, 3 pm Annual Longest Night Event - Madison. Meet outdoors near the Capitol at the intersection of S. Pinckney, King St. and East Main.The longest night of the year - the Winter Solstice - with 15 hours of darkness in winter, is hardest on the homeless population in Madison. 

So advocates will come together at this annual event to remember those who've died while experiencing homelessness in Dane County. An outdoor service will be held this year, beginning at 3:00 p.m. At 3:30 we will have the processional around the Capitol led by the horse drawn hearse. We are asking for donations of warm gloves, hats, socks, & long underwear. They can be dropped off at First Congregational UCC, 1609 University Ave. Phone: (608) 233-9751 There is a day care in the building so it is open during the week. Gifts can be left outside the office on the main floor. From JustDane (MUM) - Linda Ketcham at   
**This is too late to mention in our calendar of events, but Linda also writes: and if people want to submit the name of someone to be remembered we can accept names until tomorrow Dec 17th  at 3. Whatever information they'd like us to mention about the person, and it doesn't have to be someone who died this year if we've not remembered them before, and it can be someone who was homeless but found housing who died, that's a common thing, someone who was homeless for a long time finds housing and dies of natural causes within a year - it's like their body lets go because they are in as safe place (have done some research on it). They can just email me the info.