Meditation retreat "Meditation: It’s Not What You Think" - Sinsinawa Mound Center Jan 9

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Sat Jan, 9th - Meditation retreat  "Meditation: It’s Not What You Think"  - Sinsinawan zoom.  Sinsinawa Mound Center is sponsoring a retreat on meditation for those who are new to the practice of meditation or have strayed from your practice and want a refresher. The practice of meditation has become so popularized that it promises to offer some desired outcome–a kind of commodity we purchase for a particular purpose. When, in fact, the practice of meditation is a way of being in our lives with less fear and greater compassion. Participants will explore the fundamental basics of a variety of helpful meditation practices, as well as have time to practice several meditation methods. Tom Roberts, a licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, will lead our retreat. He specializes in hypnotherapy and mindfulness therapy. The fee is $30 per person, and the registration deadline is Thursday, Jan. 7, at 4 p.m. Please register by contacting Guest Services at 608-748-4411 or visiting our website at .