Welfare Warriors Annual Solstice Fight Back Caroling Caravan - Dec 23

Event Dates: 

Wed Dec 23, 1 to 4 pm Fight Back Caroling with Welfare Warriors of Milwaukee. Meet at the Mothers Organizing Center 2711 W. Michigan Bus leaves at 1pm, return 4pm for holiday party with food & gifts. For info, contact Welfare Warriors 414-342-6662 / wmvoice@att.net  or Sista to Sistas for Change 414-306-0580

Contact: wmvoice@att.net

You are Not Alone. Has the CPS Taken your Child or Has Milwaukee County Taken Your disabled adult family member?

Click here to take an advocacy survey: https://forms.gle/J4vq9ZWypRC56KCr8


To the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus….


Here comes CPS, Here comes CPS 

Snatching kids, for Shame! 

Childrens Hospital and DCF with Saint A’s run the game 

Pockets bulging, Profits soaring, all are happy and bold 

Living off of helpless kids 

Who never know why they’re sold 

Corporate Counsel, Corporate Counsel 

You are oh so wrong 

When you separate us from our families so strong 

Going after Black and Brown disabled with your game 

Stop it now, your lies and greed 

Corp Counsels have no shame