The True Costs of War - Panel discussion - Oct 25

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Sun Oct 25 4 pm The True Costs of War - Panel discussion - Online event. A discussion exploring the true costs of War. All wars have large costs, which the political, financial, and governmental elites instigating the conflicts would rather the citizens minimize --but pay for. With a "volunteer military", outsourcing, drones and "smart bombs", the war makers attempt to hide the costs of war. The true story, however, is much grimmer. Please plan to join us and to hear from our four panelists:

-- A veteran of the "War on Terror" (Iraq and Afghanistan) who will talk about the cost of war to the individual veteran and the impact of war on their own life.

-- Vietnam veteran, artist, and peace activist David Giffey, who will speak on the societal costs of war,

-- Dr. Eileen Ahearn, a long-time psychiatrist at the VA in Madison, Wisconsin who will take a look at war and moral injury and

-- Rev. David Couper, who brings his experience as a veteran, former Madison police chief and Episcopal priest, and will discuss the militarization of policing.Each panelist will be given about 10 minutes to speak, followed by Q&A. We will use the Zoom chat box to field questions to our panelists. For more information about  The Costs of War: Individual, Societal, Moral Injury and Militarization, contact Brad Geyer at


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Sponsored by Veterans for Peace - Madison