Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day - Oct 12

Event Dates: 

Monday, Oct. 12, is Indigenous Peoples Day, and Wisconsin Native Vote is celebrating the day with a slate of online events.

Indigenous Peoples Day is a celebration of the continuance – the survival in spite of cultural suppression and colonialism – and resiliency of Indigenous Peoples.

Wisconsin Native Vote organizers are providing opportunities on social media to learn, experience talent, and enjoy the sharing from within the Indigenous World. Some of our events will be live, some interactive – we especially invite you to join us in a game of Zoom trivia. Stakes are high: a chance to win one of two baskets crafted by Anishinaabe basket maker and regional tribal organizer April Stone.

Please join us for these events:

  • 9 a.m.: “It’s A Good Day to Be Indigenous” welcome and introduction by regional tribal organizer Jenna Knueppel (OJB, Mole Lake/Bad River) with opening Flute Song and message by Wade Fernandez (Menominee). Here’s the link to Zoom event.
  • 10 a.m.:  "The 500-Year Old Poem" a "Columbus Day" poem by the leader of Native Vote and former Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dee Sweet (Anishinaabe, White Earth). Zoom event link.
  • All-Day:  Wisconsin Native Vote “Indigenous People’s Choice” Top Ten Recommended Films (trailers featured). Zoom event link.
  • 4 p.m: Zoom Trivia! "The History of Native Vote" with co-hosts, regional tribal organizers Justice Peche (Oneida) and April Stone (OJB, Bad River). Zoom event link.
  • 7 p.m.:  Round Dance with hand drum by Dylan Jennings (OJB, Bad River). Zoom event link.

For more information contact me at dee@conservationvoters.org, and follow our Facebook page here.

It is our pleasure at Wisconsin Native Vote to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2020. The full array of events and activities was planned in the spirit of goodwill – a celebration of the strength and resiliency of our traditions, our cultural practices, and our artistic expressions. On behalf of the regional tribal organizers for Wisconsin Native Vote, I want to thank you for sharing this day with us.  When we give of ourselves, we get so much in return.

So shall we be of this mind. Miigwech!


Dee Sweet
First Nations Organizer
Wisconsin Native Vote