Fly Kites not Fighter Jets – ALL DAY Sat, Oct 10

Event Dates: 

Join Safe Skies Clean Water for our First Annual

Kites not Fighter Jets

All Day – Saturday October 10 - or ANY DAY!!!

Kite fly across Madison and beyond.

Reclaim our public spaces for peaceful enjoyment.
1. Decorate your kite.
2. Fly your kite at any park or other open space.
3. Send us a picture of your kite and you having fun that day, to be put on social media and website.

Details here(including how to get kites)

The Air Force and our elected officials need another reminder that we want what is BEST for our neighborhoods and reject the increase in air, noise, water, and soil pollution they are offering. We also reject the placement of these war planes directly onto one of the remaining affordable places to live in our beautiful Madison. We reject the use of these planes to harm communities of color both home and abroad. We reject the purchase of these planes during a time of unprecedented economic loss and public health crises.
Decorate your kite. Snap a photo of your kite and another photo of you enjoying the fresh air and celebrating the peaceful skies- which should remain an important part of our communities. Send us the photo to post and you will be entered in the contest for Best Kite. Launch your message into the skies. (Be sure to take precautions: don't fly in the street or near power lines and be sure to distance and wear a mask as needed.)
Best Kite Not Fighter Jet Award- Join the creativity! Get out your streamers, paints, pens, and craft some messages for the Air Force on a blank kite. Kites will be judged on two criteria: creativity and impact of message.
A limited number of free kites are available - first come, first serve. To request a free kite and to submit your kite pictures, email: