We Get Sick, They Get Rich - March for Medicaid! - Oct 4th

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We are facing a crisis within a crisis. Since healthcare is treated as something to make money from and not a fundamental right for everyone, we drown in hospital bills as we get sicker while a few get richer. And with the pandemic, over 5 million people lost their healthcare coverage. These are layered upon a deeper and permanent crisis that has already been afflicting our communities - with 140 million poor or near poor in the U.S. who have to choose between going hungry or going to the doctor, between paying rent or school loans.

Join us to make the connections between healthcare and the fight for housing, living wages, education, freedom of migration, and freedom from criminalization and incarceration! We’ll meet at the Capitol building to call on politicians who put private profit ahead of Wisconsinites’ well-being, and march to the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce office to name out the corporations benefiting from our despair.

We demand an end to state violence in all its forms, including the near 200,000 people -- disproportionately poor and people of color -- who have died from COVID19 at the hands of a government more committed to bailing out corporations than keeping people safe, and the 700 people who were dying every day from poverty before the pandemic started. Sponsored by the WI Poor People's Campaign - https://www.facebook.com/events/338903297313606/

Sun. Oct. 4th 3:00 pm WI State Capitol We Get Sick, They Get Rich – Madison March for Medicaid!