Wolf River Water Walk

Event Dates: 
Wolf River Water Walk
Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 12 PM
Starting point of the Event will be the Mole Lake Casino Conference Room at noon (12:00 PM)
The address is 3084 WI HWY 55, Crandon, WI 54520
We will have speakers & singers prior to the Wolf River Water Walk
There will be an explanation of the route
People can park cars at the Casino (or follow in car to Kramer Lane if you like)
We will have shuttles and vans available to shuttle walkers back at the end of the walk, and during if needed
We will walk roughly 8-10 miles. Part of that walk is on HWY 8.
Therefore for safety, about 4 miles of the Walk will include shuttling people down HWY 8.
Starting point of the Walk is 4040 Kramer Lane (south side of CR-B)
Walkers can also park there
At the end of the walk (Browns Road) we will hanging prayer/intention ties to trees in the woods
These ties send messages of why we are protecting the water & land
Walkers are then shuttled back to the Mole Lake Casino for a small meal
The endpoint of the Walk is where the exploratory drilling is going on and where the sulfide mine would be constructed
A large turnout of concerned people will send a strong message about the value of the Wolf River to the area
Happening rain or shine. 
Dress accordingly.
Van escort available.