Crafts Sales House Party to welcome Laila Hassan from Women in Hebron

Event Dates: 
Sunday, Dec. 15:
Crafts Sales House Party to welcome Laila Hassan from Women in Hebron
1-3 pm
At private residence, RSVP for directions
NOTE: Laila is also scheduled to be on WORT Radio's A Public Affair with host Gilman Halsted on Friday, Dec. 13 from noon - 1 pm, and again on WORT Radio's Her Turn at 11:00 am on Sunday, Dec. 15.
Please join us as we welcome Ms. Laila Hassan of the Women in Hebron crafts cooperative to Madison, where she will be displaying and selling some of the crafts made by the women of the Hebron area. (More information about Women in Hebron and the vital role they play in supporting 150 women and their families is below.)
Snacks and refreshments including Arabic coffee will be served.  Palestinian extra virgin olive oil will also be available for tasting and sale.
This event will be held at a private home on the west side of Madison.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to for the address by 10 am on Sunday morning Dec. 15.
Co-sponsored by MRSCP, Jewish Voice for Peace-Madison and Playgrounds for Palestine-Madison.
Laila Hassan displays embroidery in Washington, DC earlier this month.
About Women in Hebron
Women in Hebron is a Palestinian nonprofit fair trade cooperative under the Idna Cooperative Association for Embroidery and Handicrafts. Idna is a mid-sized Palestinian city of around 25,000 people, located to the southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.
Women in Hebron was established as part of the cooperative association’s efforts to provide women in Hebron district the resources to provide for themselves and their families through the production and sales of Palestinian handicraft items. Their work began in 2005, when Laila Hassan’s sister Nawal Slemiah, began selling items in the Old City souq (market) of Hebron in the occupied H2 sector, a short distance from the Ibrahimi Mosque. As a result of handicraft sales through Women in Hebron, The Idna Cooperative Association has been able to open a small community center in the village of Idna, where members of the association can gather together to do their work, take part in educational programs, and socialize with their peers.  
However the Old City market area is increasingly impacted by the encroachment of Israeli settlers, and a combination of settler violence, road closures, and new checkpoints have greatly reduced tourist shopping in the area.  Each Saturday Israeli settlers conduct an Israeli “tour” of the Palestinian old city market, during which Israeli soldiers prevent Palestinians from passing, and then arrow streets are filled with settlers, forcing shops to close and loose business. In addition the old city has become increasing vulnerable to flooding, causing repeated damage to hand made crafts, and additional days when no sales to tourists are possible. 
As a result, the cooperative has been forced to attempt to sell the work of the women it represents outside of Palestine, by traveling to Europe and the US.
The one hundred and fifty women who produce the items that are sold come from across Hebron district from eight cities and villages. The proceeds from sales provide the women and their families with desperately needed income.
The cooperative’s work is based on the idea that developing Palestinian handicrafts is more than just an income-generating project. It is in of itself an act of community-strengthening, of honoring the role of women in  society, and a means to show sumud – steadfastness – in the face of the occupation of Palestine and the harm it has done to the people of Hebron.
Embroidery items Laila has brought to the US include coin purses, scarves, traditional Kiffyas, hand bags, pillow cases and more. You can see more of their work at their website,