Free The People From Corporate Rule - National Day of Action!

Event Dates: 
Free The People From Corporate Rule - National Day of Action!
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 8 AM – 6 PM
Your congressional representative's office
Hosted by Move To Amend
Right now, peoples movements are making a lot of noise, and Move to Amend is ready to step up our game too.
We are calling on you to help harness this momentum and launch the issue of corporate personhood into the national conversation with nationwide actions directed at Congress on May 28th.
It is time to lean in and put our representatives on notice -- do they stand with #WeThePeople or #CorporateRule?
These congressional actions will take place on May 28th to demand the passage of the We the People Amendment. Get involved to tell your representative to take a stand for democracy and free the people from corporate rule!
Now is the Time to Free People from Corporate Rule!
What's needed? 
You, and some friends, or your community group if you already belong to one -- organize a demostration/press conference at the nearest office of your member of Congress.
>> Find your Representative's office if you don't know or if you're not familiar with where their offices are (click their name to go to their website and check their office locations, depending on the size of your district there might be a couple).
Invite 3-5 community organizations to speak at your demonstration about how the issues they work on connect with corporate rule and how ending corporate constitutional rights will help "Free the People" they work to protect.
​>> Ask the groups to pass a resolution of support in advance that you can bring into the meeting with your Congressperson (MTA National will provide a template)
Schedule a meeting with your Congressperson or their staff (Reps should be back home in their District the week of May 28) to happen right after your demonstration/press conference.
>> Plan to go into the meeting with 4-5 other folks from the event and together request they co-sponsor the We the People Amendment (HJR48).
Share what happened to reach more people!
​>> MTA National will provide a template press release and tips for taking photos and recording the event to help spread the word on social media to folks who were not in attendance.
Sign up to organize an event in your community!