Intersectionality and White Privilege Training!

Event Dates: 

Register NOW: Intersectionality and White Privilege Training!
Saturday, February 2, 2019, 10 am--2 pm, 30 W Mifflin St, 10th Floor
Register to attend. Seats are limited. Lunch provided.
The Madison chapter of the National Organization for Women is hosting an Intersectionality and White Privilege Training on Saturday, February 2, from 10am to 2pm. Attendees will gain:

  • Tools for understanding, identifying and calling out white supremacy.
  • Strategies for taking meaningful action to challenge racism and enhance their allyship to people of color.
  • An understanding of white fragility, including how to recognize it in their day to day lives, how to check it in their own behaviors and combat its dangers.
  • A political analysis of the structural nature of racism and gender oppression, and the ways these oppressions relate to capitalism.

About the Trainer
Davette Baker was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended UW-Whitewater, where she received a BA in Women’s Studies. She also has Masters Degree in Mental Health. Before moving to Madison, she worked to change the criminal justice system in Milwaukee county. As a Queer Black woman, she strives to remember all the identities that makes her whole, and she is excited to finally be in a place where she is supported and is able to uplift all the things that make her who she is. She also loves cats and grilled cheese.