Book Discussion with author: "Empire's Children: Vietnam, the War at Home"

Event Dates: 
On Thursday January 10th the Peregrine Forum will be hosting local author Steve Fortney to discuss his recent book "Empire's Children: Vietnam, the War at Home". 
His memoir centers on the traumatic domestic impact of his brother Kendall Thomas Fortney's death during the February 1968 TET Offensive in South Vietnam* and the reverberations of that war in America today.
Steve Fortney will be speaking Jan 10th at the Madison Central Library at 6:320pm in Room 104 (the large first floor conference room). 
For more information on the event and its promotion please call 608-284-9082.
His book Empires Children can be ordered online at:
Copies of Empire's Children will also be available for purchase at the Jan 10th event.
Kendall’s Story:
        By 2018 our brother Kendall Thomas Fortney had been dead for fifty years. He was killed  in Vietnam in February of 1968. Time heals all wounds, it is said, but that is not true. To his family and friends, his death in a failed war appears to have been pointless. All have been wounded. The country is still wounded. Though the wounds are gone, scars remain. This memoir covers much territory. Beginning as a supporter of that war, like so may Americans I struggled to understand his death, the nearly sixty thousand casualties of that war.  Experiences as a university student, a seminarian, a newspaperman, a schoolteacher, a poet and novelist the learning and all the doubt and anguish of parents bitterly hurt, of living through that awful time slowly gives us that new understanding that knew the waste of that war.
        Recent wars have had as little justification as Vietnam did. A, superfluously armed America with bellicose leaders without a moral compass potentially threatens our sons, daughters and grandchildren with new wars.  The scars of Vietnam are visible. We do not heed them. Vietnam’s lessons have been ignored by far too many for far too long.     
Steven Fortney
501 West South Street
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589
1-608-235-0985 cell
     Steven Fortney  started life in Rogers, North Dakota and was born 2 January 37 in Swedish Hospital, Minneapolis. Raised in the Lutheran Church by a Chaplain and later Pastor father, Albin Fortney, in a military family that traveled extensively all over the United States in Army Posts, including childhood residences in Germany and Austria, immediately after WWII. Military Service includes Civil Air Patrol, US Reserve Navy, Army ROTC; married, Ruth Ann Geyer, since 1960, has four children and nine grandchildren. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Classics and Philosophy 1959, attended Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for the 1960-61 term. He was a newspaperman for four years; taught high school for 31 years;  He was a union negotiator for 25 years and became an alderman on Stoughton City Council 1976-1997, was chief negotiator for the City of Stoughton for six years. He has lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin on and off since 1955. Has published poems in many magazines and anthologies; has published eleven books, and has been listed in A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, since the 1989-90  Edition. He is a member of The Sons of Norway, Mandt Lodge, the Edvard Grieg Chorus; and the Madison Torske Klubben. He has been the Boss of Torske Klubben for the last year and a half. He recently finished his fifteenth book.
*KENDALL THOMAS FORTNEY is honored on Panel 43E, Row 18 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.