2009/01/05:End hostilities, urge negotiated peace - Susan Nossal

Wisconsin State Journal
MON., JAN 5, 2009 - 8:57 AM
End hostilities, urge negotiated peace

With the United Nations reporting hundreds of Palestinians killed and over a thousand injured during the first three days of Israel's air attack on the Gaza Strip, the world community must do all it can to halt this humanitarian catastrophe.

"By targeting the infrastructure of a poor and densely populated area, Israel has ensured widespread civilian casualties among this already suffering and vulnerable population," writes Jewish Voice for Peace, a group to which I belong.

Israeli human rights organizations, including B'tselem, have issued an urgent appeal to the Israeli government to restore fuel supplies to hospitals, water wells, and other vital humanitarian institutions in Gaza.

"This massive destruction of Palestinian life will not protect the citizens of Israel," asserts Jewish Voice for Peace. "Only a just and lasting peace, achieved through a negotiated agreement, can provide both Palestinians and Israelis the security they want and deserve."

Our tax dollars are being used to supply military equipment used by Israel in carrying out the attacks against Gaza.

Thus we have an obligation to urge our leaders to help establish an unconditional and immediate cease-fire and end the Israeli blockade that has kept food and humanitarian supplies from reaching the people of Gaza.

-- Susan Nossal, Madison