2009/01/03:Solis Will Be Great As Secretary Of Labor - David Newby

Solis Will Be Great As Secretary Of Labor
Wisconsin State Journal :: OPINION :: A11
Saturday, January 3, 2009

I was astonished to read in your Dec. 21 editorial that you opposed Rep. Hilda Solis for secretary of labor because she "is too much an advocate for unions and not enough of a promoter of policies to keep the U.S. work force competitive."

For the first time in decades we have a pro-worker appointee to head the Department of Labor - and this is a bad thing? Perhaps we've gotten too used to thinking of the Department of Labor as really being the "Department of Management" or of "anti-labor."

Solis has stood up for workers who have been illegally fired, for workers trying to organize a union against vicious harassment by management, and for workers trying to provide the best services to the public.

She is also a longtime advocate of "green manufacturing" to create jobs and move the country toward energy independence.

Those values, plus the leadership of the union movement in developing the world's most highly skilled workforce through apprenticeship and training programs and fair rules of international trade, will make the American workforce more competitive, raise wages and begin to restore a strong middle class in our country.

- David Newby, president, Wisconsin AFL-CIO