2009/01/03:War is not the answer; War is the problem. - Lee Brown

War Isn't Going To Solve Israeli/Palestinian Crisis
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

War is not the answer; War is the problem.

If anyone ever doubted this truth, look at the present situation in the Middle East. Since 1947 the Israelis and Palestinians have been waging war over control of the territory. In this latest round some 400 Palestinians have been killed.

But the end of the attack is filled with uncertainty. The Israelis "have clear military goals but no political vision for how to end the confrontation," a recent news story reported.

For 61 years Israel has depended on military superiority to "win" this political discussion. To keep Israel "safe" the United States has consistently supplied Israel with weapons, $2.4 billion for weapons this year.

What has this overwhelming military might bought Israel? Three things: Time, the ability to delay coming to a mutually satisfactory compromise with the Palestinians; an extension of its borders; and the freedom to ignore international law. However, these three advantages have come to Israel at great cost: the animosity of neighboring countries as well as most of the Muslim world, being constantly on the alert for possible attack, and being regarded as a pariah nation.

War has not been the solution for the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. War is a continuing problem.

Lee Brown, Madison