What do you mean nature has rights?

Establishing nature’s rights is a paradigm shift in the approach to environmental protection, recognizing nature as a legal stakeholder with inalienable rights, and therefore “standing," in environmental law proceedings is becoming a powerful counter-balance to corporate dictatorship. It empowers people by establishing a legal foundation to stand up for nature - the underlying basis of ou r economy and our lives. It stands in stark co ntrast to feeble approaches based on the financialisation and commodification of nature, which are too often twisted to justify more destruction.
There is a deep flaw in a system of law that treats living beings as objects or property, while treating corporations (which are a form of property) as subjects of the law with legal personality and rights. This promotes an economic paradigm based on endless growth fueled principally upon the destruction of nature. Under this system, nature is valued solely for its utility to human beings; as resource, as property, as natural capital. A new system of thinking is desperately needed, one that establishes nature as the foundation of all other systems built upon it.