2008/12/14:Obama's smart, but is he wise? - Daniel J. (Jim) Guilfoil

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obama's smart, but is he wise?

The media goes on about how smart the folks being chosen by President-elect Obama are. But smart or intelligent is not the same as wise, and justice requires wisdom.

Smart can be like top of the class, as in "top-down," but wisdom is an all-over thing, whole in every part. Obama has shown no wisdom, but a lot of "smarts."

Ending the wars on terror and using political and police policies would be wisdom. Ending the imperialism of military bases in countries all over the world would be wisdom. Building a strong United Nations and international courts would be wisdom.

At lot of folks at the top, bottom and side would like some justice based on wisdom for a change.

- Daniel J. (Jim) Guilfoil, Monona