Workers' Rights Center: Farm Worker Outreach Program to Kickoff in June

A Latino dairy worker recently visited the WRC to relate his recent experience getting fired at a Dane County dairy farm. "At around 10:30am my supervisor started yelling at me and calling me an 'mother f***ing n*gger', 'hit the f***ing road' or I'll stick your head in the manure chain and have the machine drag you through the manure.  We'll have to pull your dead body out.'" The worker has filed  a hate crime report with the local Sheriff. 

Thirty workers at a Dane County dairy farm were told that ICE was doing a social security audit and they were all fired. Many had worked at the farm for over ten years.  This occurred a month after they had asked for a raise.  Not all the workers fired were undocumented. None of the workers have been shown any proof of a government audit.

A Latina worker repeatedly complained about advances from her supervisor a the dairy farm where she worked.  When she complained she was fired.

A worker injured his shoulder while working at a farm.  When he showed his employer the temporary restrictions ordered by his doctor, he was fired.

These are just some of the recent horror stories that we have heard here at the WRC. Most farms in Dane County treat their employees well, but too many workers are mistreated, exploited and paid poverty wages.

The WRC is launching a Farm Workers' Rights Project to provide immigrant farm workers on industrial farms in Dane County with the information and strategies they need to effectively protect their workplace rights and advocate for fair and just working conditions.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact the WRC at 608-255-0376.