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Iraq Moratorium Project Uses "Healthcare NOT Warfare" Theme

November 21, 2008


PDA's “Healthcare NOT Warfare” slogan is the theme for an Iraq Moratorium organizing campaign in western Wisconsin.

The Iraq Moratorium asks people to interrupt their regular routines on the third Friday of every month and take some action, individually or collectively, to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

Wisconsin has been a hotbed of Iraq Moratorium activity, with more actions scheduled every month than any other state except California, with six times the population. The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ), a statewide coalition of more than 160 groups, has helped spread the Moratorium among its members.

The Iraq Moratorium-Wisconsin project is aimed at communities where the third Friday activity has not yet taken hold. Among the targets are Rice Lake, Superior, Eau Claire, Hudson, Chippewa Falls, Ashland and Menomonie.

Steve Carlson, one of the organizers of Iraq Moratorium events in Hayward, which has had the largest per capita turnout in the nation, is the lead organizer for the project, which is funded by a grant from the Wisconsin Community Fund.

Carlson recently worked with Citizen Action of Wisconsin as part of a campaign that got healthcare referendum questions on the Nov. 4 ballot in 22 cities and counties. The referenda won in a landslide, with 74% of the vote and over 413,000 total votes state-wide.

“This organizing effort in western Wisconsin will try to build on and connect the work done by Citizen Action, PDA, and the Iraq Moratorium and put all of the pieces together," Carlson said.

“We want to talk about the links between trillion-dollar war spending and a failed healthcare system, and to engage citizens to demand a new set of national priorities,” Carlson said. “The groundwork PDA has laid, and the materials it has produced, will fit right into this campaign.”

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