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Uniting to Prevent Targeted Violence (UPTV)

Uniting to Prevent Targeted Violence (UPTV)

A program of Urban Rural Action. Urban Rural Action is a national grassroots movement that brings together Americans across divides to tackle our country's most urgent challenges.

Uniting to Prevent Targeted Violence (UPTV) in Southeast Wisconsin program is a nonpartisan civic engagement effort that will bring together 28 community members (“Uniters”) in four counties (Kenosha, Milwaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha) to strengthen civic health, build relationships across differences, and collaborate to prevent targeted violence, i.e. physical violence against people because of their group identity.

These Uniters, representing ideological, racial, generational, and geographic diversity, will form teams to design, implement, and evaluate projects that seek to reduce targeted violence and advance the work of county-based community partner organizations.

We are looking to hire four part-time County Coordinators to help us recruit a diverse group of Uniters, offer mentorship and hands-on support to each county's Uniters project team, and strengthen relationships in the local violence prevention ecosystem. 

More details & job description here

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