Racial Justice Information and Resources


December 2020:

MPD150 recently released “Enough Is Enough: A 150-Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police Departmenta people’s history of the MPD coupled with a wealth of research, interviews, curriculum, poetry, visual art, and other resources on police, policing, and what it might take to build a world where everyone’s needs are met, where we invest in preventing harm, not just punishing it.

The reports are free, and we are reaching out to see if you might want any—for book clubs, anti-racism discussion groups, or just to spark some dialogue and imagination. Even though the report focuses on the history of our police department, our hope is that the general concept of the report, the conclusions it draws, and the various extras included may be useful to abolitionist organizers in other communities as well.If you’re interested, please feel free to use this google form to reserve as many copies as you can make use of. They are available for pickup, but we are also happy to deliver them, especially larger orders.

More information, related resources, and how to order physical copies: https://www.mpd150.com/report/