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WNPJ is a network of 75 peace and justice organizations.

We foster connections and build collective power for a sustainable future.

Annual WNPJ Spring Assembly & Steering Committee


This annual WNPJ Meeting was held Saturday, May 06, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve Visitor Center - and Zoom

Guest Samantha Laskowski of the Vernon County energy district spoke about the IRA/government's financial support for solar installations and the possibility of a nuclear micro plant in Vernon county.      

AND...WNPJ member groups shared their work in "Reports from the Field"; board members reported and led discussions about future WNPJ. Click here for video recordings of the event!

Click here for photos and more information....

WNPJ Spotlight


On this International Workers Day let us stand with WNPJ member group

Worker Justice Wisconsin, and support human dignity in the workplace.


Worker Justice Wisconsin will hold its annual faith labor fundraising breakfast on May 4 at 8 am in Madison.

Enjoy homemade tamales and baked goods from Just Bakery   and learn about worker struggles and victories in Wisconsin.

Can’t make it? 

Donations are welcome.


Since the inception of International Workers Day, the United States has used the fear of socialism to keep workers from unionizing and organizing for fair working conditions. That decades old fear is slowly dying and it is incumbent upon all of us to shed this divide and conquer tactic and step up to our humanity. 

The first Labor Day took place in New York City on September 5th, 1882 as a demonstration for worker’s rights. Twelve years later, it was signed into a law as a national holiday to celebrate and honor the working class. World-wide people celebrate May 1 as International Workers Day. Everyday is Labor Day! 

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