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WNPJ is a network of over 70 peace and justice organizations.

We foster connections and build collective power for a sustainable future.

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For the past several years, Transit Equity Day has been held on February 4th in honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday.

Nationwide vigils are held by transit riders, community organizers, civil rights groups, environmental/climate justice groups, and transit worker unions. 

The Transit Equity Network has spearheaded this endeavor declaring public transport as a civil right and connecting Ms. Parks’ act of nonviolent resistance to the rights of all people. The premise is that everyone has the right to high-quality public transportation, run on clean/renewable energy. The Network’s year-round advocacy demands adequate funding to support safe, reliable, equitable and environmentally clean transit systems.


You can participate locally on Feb 4 from 10am-2 pm at North Transfer Point, 1213 Huxley St., Madison

Or you can view a live zoom of nationwide vigils from 12 pm -2 pm 

Thanks to WNPJ member B.E. Smith for contributing this information and helping to organize the Madison event. 

Let’s all consider learning more about transit rights, the need for renewable energy and how WNPJ's member groups can participate in the future.

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 WNPJ Fall Assembly Videos now available!


On Sunday, November 13th WNPJ hosted its annual Fall Assembly in Milwaukee at Marquette University's Center for Peacemaking(and via zoom, too). Each year we take this time to bring individuals and organizations together, to set the vision for the upcoming year, to honor the effort of peacemakers and peace builders…and to get into some “Good Trouble”.


See photos and videos of the event here:


This year’s theme was......

Abolition: Addressing the Root Causes of Violence

Click here to learn more....

For more information, contact

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