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'Dignity at Work' Fall Voter Guide Is Ready - 2022






The Dignity at Work Coalition has prepared a Voter Guide every election cycle since 2016. Over the course of these 6 years, the issues facing our state have changed very little. Though it is frustrating that partisan politics has hindered significant progress on these issues, we continue to stress the importance of educating ourselves on the topics at hand. This voter guide is nonpartisan and intended to be used at candidate forums, town hall meetings, and any other venues where candidates are available for questioning.


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For more information, contact: Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice<wifaithvoices4justice@gmail.com>


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Invitation to get into some "Good Trouble" at the WNPJ Fall Assembly - 



On Sunday, November 13th from 2-4 pm WNPJ will host its annual Fall Assembly in Milwaukee (and via zoom, too). Each year we take this time to bring individuals and organizations together, to set the vision for the upcoming year, to honor the effort of peacemakers and peace builders…and to get into some “Good Trouble”.


This year’s theme is

Abolition: Addressing the Root Causes of Violence

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For more information, contact info@wnpj.org

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