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WNPJ office contact information

General contact - phone 608-250-9240, email office@wnpj.org and address WNPJ, 30 W Mifflin #702, Madison, WI 53703

Member groups - please send your events and action alerts to info@wnpj.org

Z! Haukeness, Organizer - zh@wnpj.org or 608-250-9240

Dace Zeps, Administrator - office@wnpj.org or 608-250-9240

Steve Books, Veterans for Peace - books24u@aol.com

Julia Levine, Volunteer Newsletter Editor - jlevine312@gmail.com


Connect with WNPJ online

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WNPJ holds an Annual Fall Assembly for all members and a Spring Steering Committee Meeting for organizational contacts to explore peace and justice issues and to share the "common ground" upon which to coordinate their activist efforts.  Following the Fall Assembly is our awards reception, at which we honor our Peacemakers of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award and Dennis Bergren LGBTQ Advocacy Award winners.  Click here to submit your award nominations online.

For time and place of upcoming conferences, check our calendar page as the season approaches.



WNPJ publishes our newsletter, the Network News, three times a year.

We want articles and udpates from all over the state. Please submit your items by e-mail, if possible. Questions? Contact our volunteer newsletter editor, Julia Levine at jlevine312@gmail.com

The newsletter deadline is the 15th of the month prior to the mailing for the month of publication. Therefore, the schedule is as follows:

Newsletter Month Deadline
January November 15
May March 15
September July 15

Material received prior to the deadline will be considered for the newsletter. Material received after the 20th of the deadline month cannot be included in the newsletter.


WNPJ member groups

Click here for the list of WNPJ member organizations, to facilitate networking and communication between state peace and justice organizations, large or small.


A full list of member benefits can be found here.


Sponsorship and endorsement

WNPJ happily automatically sponsors and/or endorses all events of our member organizations.  Please send event details to info@wnpj.org so we can help promote it. Our sponsorship or endorsement is the promotional assistance.  In general, WNPJ is not able to provide financial support for events.

If you are not a member but would like to seek WNPJ sponsorship or endorsement of your event, please send event details to office@wnpj.org and our Board will consider your request.


Action alert and event emails

Individual and organizational members of WNPJ receive a weekly action alert and events email, compiled from our members statewide.  Working together, we have a larger impact!

If you are a member, please submit your events and action alert ideas to info@wnpj.org.



WNPJ provides an online events calendar, as another networking and information sharing resource. The Calendar lists events that are organized primarily by the member groups of WNPJ. To request that a Calendar item be posted, e-mail info@wnpj.org.