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Petition calls for A-bomb victims to be remembered during Olympics

A former mayor of Hiroshima has launched an online petition calling for a moment of silence to be observed during the Tokyo Olympics at the time the atomic bomb was dropped on his western Japan city on Aug. 6.

Legislation to expand community solar has been introduced. Your action is needed!

On Tuesday, July 13 Senator Duey Stroebel (R - Saukville) and Representative Timothy Ramthun (R - Campbellsport) released legislation to expand access to community solar in Wisconsin. They have asked other members of the legislature to sign on as co-sponsors of the bill. The deadline to co-sponsor the bill is Friday, July 23rd.  Ask Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor the Bill!

Make a Call: "No First Use of nuclear weapons!"

Contact your members of Congress today and demand they oppose any funding for new nuclear weapons!

On this day, seventy six years ago, the world was forever changed when the U.S. detonated the world’s first nuclear device in the Trinity nuclear test. 

Conducted in the desert of southern New Mexico, it began the morally corrupt, racist, and lethal legacy of nuclear weapons. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “New Mexico residents were neither warned before the Trinity blast, informed of health hazards afterward, nor evacuated before, during, or after the test. Exposure rates in public areas from the world’s first nuclear explosion were measured at levels 10,000- times higher than currently allowed.” Sadly, it’s no surprise that the downwinders of Trinity were largely impoverished agricultural families, mostly Hispanic and Native.

Add your name: Tell Congress to cancel the F-35 Failed Fighter Jet

It's not just a Madison issue. It's not just a Wisconsin issue. It's not even just a U.S. issue. 


The Navajo Nation and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opposed the inconsistent and confusing restrictions Arizona imposed on voting.  Yet this month, our highest court ruled Arizona can continue to require ballots to be returned only by a guardian or immediate family member.

Sign up for YOUR WNPJ member group to table at the Madison Farmer's Market - through Saturday, November 13th!!

You're sure to find WNPJ members you know at the Dane County 'Saturday on the Square' Farmer's Market.

Stop the Money Pipeline has put out a call for art actions July 12 through July 17


Join the Art Action to Stop the Money Pipeline! 350 Madison




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