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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Spread the word about our youth video contest and more

Action Alert 1: Spread the word: WNPJ's youth video contest
Action Alert 2: Oppose the new frac sand bill
Action Alert 3: Day of action tomorrow for gun background checks
Action Alert 4: Phone bank for a living wage - Madison
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Stop the Frac Attack on Local Democracy, Take 2!

Sen. Tom Tiffany has introduced a revised version of SB349, the "Kneecapping Local Communities Bill" from last session that took aim at the rights of rural communities to pass ordinances regulating frac sand mining and other industrial activities that impact the environment and public health. In response to the bill and the explosion of frac sand mines in the state, 75 groups signed onto a resolution by WNPJ's Environmental Working Group calling for a halt to the mining and attacks on local control. Tiffany's revised bill, SB632, narrows the scope to preventing local governments from enacting any regulations that prevent new frac sand mining or the expansion of existing mines. A public hearing on the bill will take place on Monday, March 3, at 12 noon in Room 412 East of the State Capitol. The Wisconsin Farmer's Union will also hold a Farm and Rural Lobby Day the next day, March 4, and this will be one of the issues.

WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Rep Petri's Pentagon conflict of interest and more

Action Alert 1: Rep Petri's Pentagon conflict of interest
Action Alert 2: Japanese children and radiation
Action Alert 3: Local control and a living wage
Action Alert 4: Spring days of action against drones
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Keep local living wages and more

Action Alert 1: Keep local living wages
Action Alert 2: RSVP today for immigrant rights action
Action Alert 3: Support a world beyond war
Action Alert 4: Stop cruelty to circus elephants
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Lobby for immigrant rights and more

Action Alert 1: Lobby for immigrant rights
Action Alert 2: Support affordable housing - Mt Horeb / Dane County
Action Alert 3: Require a living wage - Milwaukee
Action Alert 4: Ban killer drones
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Stop wage theft in WI and more

Action Alert 1: Stop wage theft in Wisconsin
Action Alert 2: Three good immigration-related bills
Action Alert 3: Join a nonviolence discussion near you
Plus Events!

WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - For fair healthcare, an end to fracking and more

Action Alert 1: Stop the frac attack on WI hills, others' water
Action Alert 2: Demand fair healthcare for Wisconsinites
Action Alert 3: No new sanctions on Iran
Action Alert 4: Support Filipino immigrants, recovery
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Citizens Groups to Lawmakers: Stop Frac Sand Mining and SB 349

WNPJ has sent a resolution calling for a ban on frac sand mining and a halt to attacks on local democracy to Governor Scott Walker, members of the Wisconsin Legislature, State and Federal environmental regulators, and the media.
It calls for the rejection of SB 349, a bill introduced last fall that would outlaw local ordinances regulating frac sand mining, local air and water quality, or blasting. The bill impacts communities facing water contamination from factory farms and potential iron mining in addition to frac sand areas. Although the legislation raised an outcry from democracy advocates, it is likely to be reintroduced in the new session.
The resolution was created by WNPJ's Environmental Working Group and has been endorsed by more than 75 civic and environmental organizations, including 49 Wisconsin groups and 29 groups from seven other states where Wisconsin sand is used for hydraulic fracturing.

You can add your name to the resolution against SB 349 and frac sand mining.

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