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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Stop animal cruelty, peace wreaths and more

Action Alert 1: Stop animal cruelty
Action Alert 2: Stand with low-wage workers
Action Alert 3: Keep local oversight of frac sand mining
Action Alert 4: Rally for hospital workers
Action Alert 5: Call for a veto of the racist mascot bill
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Support hospital workers and more

Action Alert 1: Support hospital workers
Action Alert 2: Call for clean energy and efficiency
Action Alert 3: Share your food security stories
Action Alert 4: Oppose the forced relocation of Bedouins
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Senate approves bill to make changing mascots harder

Please call Governor Walker and demand a VETO of AB 297, the race-based mascot support bill - (608) 266-1212 

In a sad erosion of racial justice legislation that WNPJ member groups worked hard to pass, this week the state Senate passed a bill that makes it much harder to force school districts to change race-based logos and mascots, seen as derogatory to Native Americans. All 11 of the state's tribes opposed the bill. Gov. Walker has yet to say whether he will sign or veto the bill.

Outrageous bill to block public access from G-Tac mine site

A bill that would block public access to the land in the Penokee Hills where Gogebic Taconite wants to build an open-pit iron mine was passed by the state Senate last week and is expected to move through the Assembly soon (Call your Representative now!). Introduced in August, SB 278 has been roundly condemned by environmentalists, Native Americans, hunters, and tax fairness advocates as another giveaway to G-Tac by their bought-and-paid-for elected officials.

WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Last chance to stop racist mascot bill and more

Action Alert 1: Last chance to stop racist mascot bill
Action Alert 2: What are your energy priorities?
Action Alert 3: Support public schools
Action Alert 4: Statewide day against weaponized drones
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Take action today: Vote on race-based mascot bill Tuesday, Nov 5

The Wisconsin Senate will take up the Schultz Senate Substitute Amendment to AB297/SB317 on Tuesday November 5. We need a large presence in the Senate Gallery that day. The Senate session starts at Noon. Please join us at the West Entrance of the Capitol (State Street) at 11:30 am for prayer and some words of encouragement. We will then proceed to the Gallery by Noon.

Action until then is to contact all Republican Senators and ask them to vote for the Schultz/Miller Substitute Amendment of AB297/SB317 and oppose the version of AB297/SB317 passed by the Assembly.

Below is the list of names, phone numbers and emails of Senators in leadership. Click here to find out who your Senator is and how to contact her or him.

WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Keep loaded guns out of schools and more

Action Alert 1: Keep loaded guns out of schools
Action Alert 2: Support the "Robin Hood tax" on Wall Street
Action Alert 3: Join the call to open Rafah
Action Alert 4: Apply for a WI Community Fund grant
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Stop the frac attack and more

Action Alert 1: Stop the frac attack on local communities
Action Alert 2: Update on racist school mascot bill
Action Alert 3: Form or join a local nonviolence study group
Action Alert 4: Last chance to travel with Peace Action WI
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