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People's Bratfest Blitz with the ASO this weekend!

From WNPJ member group the Autonomous Solidarity Organization:

Got 15 minutes? An hour? 3 hours? We're looking for great volunteers like you to come help us get the word out to friends and neighbors about this year's best festival of brats! We appreciate any and all time you can spare to help out.

Saturday, 5/18 and Sunday, 5/19 we're asking folks to stop by our office (at 122 State St, room 404) for snacks, fun, talking to folks at the Farmer's Market, and flyering our neighborhoods.

Can't make it for the weekend of flyering? Stop by our office any time to pickup flyers for your friends and neighbors. Can't do that? How about volunteering at this year's PBF? Can't make it for that either?  Then, feel free to help us help out some amazing charities by donating to the Peoples' Bratfest online, here.

WNPJ Action Alerts - May Day actions for fair immigration reform and more

Action Alert 1: Join a May Day action for fair immigration reform
Action Alert 2: Oppose radioactive contamination of metal recycling
Action Alert 3: Ask your local library to circulate seeds
Action Alert 4: Sign a letter to John Brennan about drone warfare

Sign-on letter about drone warfare to CIA Director John Brennan

WNPJ member group the Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, along with Madison Pledge of Resistance, are helping to circulate the following sign-on letter, initiated by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR), to CIA Director John Brennan regarding U.S. drone warfare.

Individuals and those representing organizations can add their names by emailing Max at

The letter will be delivered in mid-May.

WNPJ Action Alerts - Speak up on the state budget and more

Action Alert 1: Speak up about Wisconsin's proposed budget
Action Alert 2: Demand environmental justice for Vieques
Action Alert 3: Join WNPJ's nominating committee
Action Alert 4: Propose a peace resources presentation

WNPJ Action Alerts - Join a drone action near you and more

Action Alert 1: Join a drone action near you
Action Alert 2: Stand in solidarity with Iraqi union activists
Action Alert 3: Rally for fair, comprehensive immigration reform
Action Alert 4: Support frac sand mining reforms

WNPJ Action Alerts - Fair immigration reform, gun sale checks and more

Action Alert 1: Call for fair immigration reform
Action Alert 2: Prevent the demolition of Palestinian villages
Action Alert 3: Support background checks on all gun sales in Wisconsin
Action Alert 4: Defend the Bad River from mining

WNPJ Action Alerts - Sowing seeds, drone memos and more

Action Alert 1: Help grow WNPJ's spring festival
Action Alert 2: Make the drone memos public
Action Alert 3: Nominate a young peacemaker
Action Alert 4: Ensure background checks for gun sales

WNPJ Action Alerts - Vigil for the water and more

Action Alert 1: Vigil for the water (and against mining)
Action Alert 2: Pull the Pentagon's pork
Action Alert 3: Tell the DNR: Clean up Badger soil
Action Alert 4: Be part of the national VFP conference

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