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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Rally and call for peace in Syria and more

Action Alert 1: Rally and call for peace in Syria
Action Alert 2: Stand with low-wage workers
Action Alert 3: Keep race-based logos out of Wisconsin schools
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WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Stop mini-mines in the Penokees and more

Action Alert 1: Stop mini-mines in the Penokee Hills
Action Alert 2: Support a living wage for Milwaukee
Action Alert 3: Protect the Wisconsin River from frac sand mining
Action Alert 4: Oppose gun range, ATVs at Badger
Plus Events!

WNPJ Action Alerts and Events - Worker justice for Labor Day and more

Action Alert 1: Support worker justice on Labor Day
Action Alert 2: Send an activist to camp
Action Alert 3: Raise the minimum wage
Plus Events!

WNPJ Action Alerts - Support racial justice in schools and more

Action Alert 1: Support racial justice in schools
Action Alert 2: Participate in the Veterans for Peace convention
Action Alert 3: Write for real immigration reform
Action Alert 4: Nominate a peacemaker and/or LGBTQ advocate


WNPJ Action Alerts - Reject dangerous restrictions on doctors and more

Action Alert 1: Reject dangerous restrictions on doctors, officers
Action Alert 2: Nominate someone for LGBT activism
Action Alert 3: Oppose the displacement of Bedouins
Action Alert 4: Help WNPJ with our events listings

WNPJ Action Alerts - Bring Our War Dollars Home!

WNPJ is working to bring our war dollars home.  So far, three resolutions have been passed in our state -- in Dane County, a "Move the Money" resolution in Milwaukee by member group Peace Action, and by the AFT-WI labor union.  We would like to further this education and take creative actions to bring the 57% of our federal budget allocated to military spending home, to create jobs and bolster local communities.

I am Z! Haukeness and am excited to be the new Bring Our War Dollars Home part-time organizer.  I have collaborated with WNPJ and worked for racial and social justice organizations in Madison and nationally.  I was born in a small town, Strum, close to Eau Claire and look forward to connecting with you so we can Bring Our War Dollars Home!

Why take action now?

Military spending is out of control.  Although we have seen some draw-down in Iraq and Afghanistan, there's been an increase in drone warfare and conflict elsewhere.

The "sequestration" federal cuts have left local communities feeling the recession / depression even harder.  More people support cutting the military budget and putting that money towards social programs, education and job creation.

Jobs Not Wars is a national organization pushing for actions from June 21st to July 3rd.  This is a great opportunity for us to connect nationally and to spur some action throughout the state!  Below are some ideas to get you started.

WNPJ Action Alerts - Ground the Drones, restore Badger and more

Action Alert 1: Cover ground to ground the drones
Action Alert 2: Restore the former Badger Army Plant
Action Alert 3: Ask Sen Johnson to keep families together
Action Alert 4: Visit the Penokee Harvest and Education Camp

Visit the Harvest Camp!

In 2013, the Lac Courte Orielles Tribe set up the Harvest and Education Learning Project (HELP) Camp near the site of Gogebic Taconite's proposed open-pit iron mine, on Iron County Forest land.

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