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David Smith-Ferri of Voices for Creative Nonviolence reports from Afghanistan:
“We live in constant fear of suicide attacks,” said Laila, an Afghan woman who lives in Kandahar city. “When will the next one strike and where?  You don’t know what’s going to happen, minute to minute. Every single minute that we live – if you can call it living – every single second there is the thought that this is going to be my last second.”
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Kathy Kelly reports from Afghanistan - Oct. 2010


Planting the Seeds - October 30, 2010* Nur Agha Akbari and his family live in Kabul, on an unpaved, pitted
street lined by mud brick homes.  When we visited him this week, his oldest son, age 13, led us to a sitting room inside their rented two-story apartment, furnished with simple mats and pillows.  The youngster smiled shyly as he served us tea. Then his father entered the room.

Kathy Kelly from Afghanistan - "War does this to your mind"

Report from Kabul 10/21/10 by Kathy Kelly.  Khamad Jan, age 22, remembers that, as a youngster, he was a good student who enjoyed studying.  “Now, I can’t seem to think,” he said sadly, looking at the ground.  There was a long pause. “War does this to your mind.”  He and his family fled their village when Taliban forces began to attack the area. Bamiyan Province is home to a great number of Hazara families, and Khamad Jan's is one of them. Traditionally, other Afghan ethnic groups have discriminated against Hazaras, regarding them as descendants of Mongolian tribes and therefore inferior.  During the Taliban attacks, Khamad Jan’s father was captured and killed.  (photo:Khamad Jan at construction site, Bamiyan, Afghanistan.)  To learn more of this story - read on....

Bring Our War $ Home: How we did it

Sally Weiss and Carl Moos, organizers from the Alliance for Peace and Justice of Western Massachusetts, report on their success in winning City Council approval of a "Bring Our War Dollars Home" resolution (full text, .pdf) that directs the city to instruct their Congressional representative to vote against further war funding. Describing a campaign that started with signature-gathering (even at the town dump) and moved through numerous public venues, Sally and Carl say,  "Whether we won or lost the final vote, a key valuable outcome of the effort was the prolonged time of having the question of our war dollars before the public, getting many people thinking and talking with their family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and therefore being willing to participate in the Public Forum.  Read more about Bring Our War $ Home here...

Remembering America's Forgotten War

Iraq Deaths Estimator

Iraq is quickly taking the place of Afghanistan as America's "Forgotten war." While Americans are rightfully concerned about unemployment and lack of health care at home, and as the foreign-policy debate shifts to Afghanistan, we must never forget the devastation that our country has wrought on Iraq, a country that posed no threat to us and was attacked in a completely unnecessary act of war. WNPJ commits itself to remembering the victims of America's war on Iraq by posting this Iraq deaths estimate by Just Foreign Policy. We will never know exactly how many Iraqi people died as a result of the U.S. invasion, but let us keep these victims in our hearts as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for an end to all war.

Democracy Now: 14 peace activists make history in their trial in Nevada for drone protest

Fourteen anti-war activists may have made history in a Las Vegas courtroom when they turned a misdemeanor trespassing trial into a possible referendum on America’s newfound taste for remote-controlled warfare. The so-called Creech 14, a group of peace activists from across the country, went on trial 9/14 for allegedly trespassing onto Creech Air Force Base in April 2009. From the start of today’s trial, prosecutors did their best to keep the focus on whether the activists were guilty of allegations they illegally entered the base and refused to leave as a way to protest the base’s role as the little-known headquarters for U.S. military operations involving unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, over Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

But a funny thing happened on the way to prosecutors’ hope for a quick decision.......

After the Wars: Milwaukee vet tells his story

From WBEZ, public radio in Chicago, and its After the Wars feature:

The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a new generation of American war veterans. Today, we continue a special series that aims to preserve and share the stories of American war veterans from World War II to today.

After the Wars is a multimedia documentary project that combines photographs and recordings of ten veterans. The goal is to learn how war changed their lives and what their unique experiences can tell us about the country they served.

Today, Dennis Johnson tells his story. Johnson lives in Milwaukee. He's a veteran of Vietnam, who volunteered

Help fight the spin on Afghanistan

This video from Rethink Afghanistan is a call to action.

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