West Bank report: 'Some hopeful days, some less so'

WNPJ member Cassandra Dixon sends greetings and this report from Tuwani and the South Hebron Hills:

The past week has brought both rebuilding and new destruction of homes in the South Hebron Hills. In the village of Amnyir Palestinians were joined by internationals and Israeli peace activists as they built tents to replace the five homes destroyed by the Israeli army days before. (They are pictured erecting a tent)

Proposed Drone Facility at Lobby Day 2011

For WNPJ's 20th anniversary, a grassroots lobby day was held on February 23, 2011.  One of the focus issues was the Proposed Drone Aircraft Facility.  Below is information that was created for the lobby day and to help with on-going advocacy.


Issue Backgrounder: Proposed Drone Aircraft Facility


Vets for Peace stands with Wisconsin workers

Members from several Wisconsin chapters of Veterans for Peace will be in Madison on Friday to take part in the rally at the state capitol and support Wisconsin workers and their famillies. Many have been there individually since the protests began 10 days ago. Full statement below...

Call to Action: April 8 Pentagon Action for Peace "Disarmageddon"

By the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

The U.S. military is the entity most responsible for destabilizing our environment.  There are innumerable reasons for this, including these examples: the exorbitant use of fossil fuels, depleted uranium weapons, worldwide transport of weapons and personnel, unlimited air travel, engagement in war and the possession, upkeep and transport of nuclear weapons.

U.S. Wars rage on in Iraq and Afghanistan, causing immeasurable human suffering.

Berkeley City Council passes resolution in support of Bradley Manning

This week, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution in support of alleged Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, calling for an "immediate end to the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment" that Manning has been subjected to while pointing out that Manning has not been convicted of anything. A copy of the statement will be sent to the Marine brig commander at Quantico, Virginia, where Bradley Manning is being held in maximum security solitary confinement.

John LaForge: New START plays fast, loose with nuke numbers

John LaForge of Nukewatch, a longtime WNPJ member group based in northern Wisconsin, writes in a Capital Times opinion column that the new START treaty to reduce nuclear weapons uses some voodoo math to get to its new totals, and actual reductions are very small.

Peace activists greet Obama

Representatives of Wisconsin peace organizations visited the Lakeshore area Wednesday during President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Manitowoc, the Manitowoc newspaper reported.

Steve Books of Mount Horeb and Caroline Greenwald of Madison, representing Veterans for Peace, Clarence Kailin Chapter 25, Madison, and the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, brought their message of peace to the park at South Eighth and Quay streets in Manitowoc as people lined the streets waiting for the president’s motorcade.

PSR's Jeff Patterson a 'Madison hero'

Dr. Jeff Patterson, national president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, is among those chosen as Madison heroes by writers for Isthmus, the alternative weekly. Patterson, at right in photo, founded the Wisconsin PSR chapter (a WNPJ member group) in the early 1980s and has worked for nuclear disarmament and warned of the dangers of nuclear power.

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