Deer Isle, ME first in nation to vote "Bring Our War $ Home"

Last week, the citizens of Deer Isle, a town of about 1900 residents off the coast of Maine, voted at their annual town hall meeting in favor of a resolution that "commands Maine's member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the second Maine Congressional District to oppose all legislation brought before the U.S. House of Representatives that provides further funding of the U.S. warfare and U.S. military occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan." The resolution passed with a 67% "yes" vote.

Dane County has a chance to say bring our war dollars home!

On October 18th, Dane County Board Supervisor Kyle Richmond introduced resolution #145, "Calling on Congress and the President to Redirect U.S. Military Spending to Address Critical Domestic Priorities:  Bring Our War Dollars Home."

Speaking at a press conference that afternoon in support of the resolution were Supervisors Richmond and Melissa Sargent, the Chair of the County Board Health and Human Needs Committee, along with representatives from AFSCME Local 1871, Madison-area Urban Ministry, the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, and Veterans for Peace.  Click here to see pictures from the event.

If you'd rather fund community needs than a bloated and growing Pentagon budget and live in Dane County, please contact your Board Supervisor and County Executive Joe Parisi to register your support for the resolution.

The Capital Times reported that the resolution is "part of a national effort to press the Pentagon on reducing military spending so more money can be devoted to helping people in the U.S. ... WNPJ said $2.3 billion from Dane County taxpayers has been spent on war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001."

Dane County Bring Our War Dollars Home resolution

Passed by the Dane County Board on January 10, 2013 with a vote of 26 supporting, 5 opposing and 5 absent or abstaining:


Dane County Board passes Bring Our War $$ Home resolution!

On January 10, the Dane County Board passed a "Bring Our War Dollars Home" (BOW$H) resolution introduced by Supervisor Kyle Richmond and drafted with help from WNPJ, on a vote of 26 supporting, 5 opposing and 5 absent or abstaining.  The resolution urges the President and Congress to redirect resources from the excessive U.S. military budget, to fund housing, jobs, veterans, infrastructure, debt reduction and environmental programs, and encourages other local governments to pass similar resolutions.

Dane County becomes at least the 15th community across the country to pass resolutions.  See how much wars and weapons have already cost your community with WNPJ's "cost of war" counter.

Interested in passing a BOW$H resolution in your community?  We'd love to help!  Contact us at 608-250-9240 or diane<at>wnpj<dot>org.

Covering ground to ground the drones media coverage

WNPJ member group Voices for Creative Nonviolence's recent "Covering Ground the Ground the Drones" peace walk brought concerns and facts about drone warfare to people across Iowa and beyond.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported:  "The 14-day anti-drone march from Rock Island to Des Moines has drawn activists from here in Iowa City and as far away as England.

Could "Countdown to Zero" increase support for attacks on Iran?

Countdown to Zero, a documentary produced by Participant Media, the producers of An Inconvenient Truth and Food Inc, will open on August 13 at Sundance Cinemas in Madison. The film describes the threat that nuclear weapons pose to all of us, and urges us to work towards a goal of total worldwide nuclear abolition (the "zero" in the title.) But some peace groups have raised questions about the film, calling attention to information it has left out, and even raised concerns that the film could prove useful to those who want to generate public support for an attack on Iran.

CNN: More than 100 arrested at White House antiwar protest

While President Obama was delivering a speech inside the White House about his administration’s review of the situation in Afghanistan, more than a hundred antiwar  protesters, many of whom had chained themselves to the White House fence, were being arrested outside. The protest was organized by Veterans for Peace, and among those arrested was Penatagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who offered a strong response to attacks on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. "This lynch mob mentality is America at its lowest," Ellsburg said. Read more about the arrests at the White House...

Chuck Baynton in Journal Sentinel: 'Veterans honorably call for peace'

WNPJ member Chuck Baynton writes in the Mlwaukee Journal Sentinel: We all know what a 21-gun salute is. How would it feel to replace it with a 21-flower salute?

Chicago Tribune: NATO protest takes aim at wars and other issues

Tens of thousands of people came to Chicago on Sunday to protest the annual meeting of NATO, joining in a mass march through downtown that ended in a ceremony just blocks from where NATO officials were meeting. Iraq and Afghanistan vets returned medals they had been awarded in both wars, throwing the medals in the direction of McCormick place, the site of the NATO conference. Ash Woolson, a former sergeant in the Wisconsin National Guard who served in Iraq, took part in the medal turn-in protest. "We don't want to be carrying the burden of the blood that has stained these medals any longer," said Woolson, 30, who now teaches photography at the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin. Lillian Moats, who came from her home in Downers Grove to join the march said, "If we weren't spending such outrageous amounts on war, we'd have money for human needs. It seems like our country's priorities are upside down." Read more... (Photo by Madison Capitol Protesters)

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