Mark Foreman of VFP on LZ Lambeau

Mark Foreman of the Milwaukee chapter of Veterans for Peace says LZ Lambeau, billed as a welcome home tribute to Vietnsm vets, became "an advertisement for the military." The L-Z Lambeau event might have some valuable parts to it, he says, but the scheduled flyovers and display of military equipment he feels glorifies the military and is an affront to the veterans who are still struggling to come to terms with their role in the military action.  See his interview on WDJT-TV.

March 9: Join "Safeguard the Guard" at the Capitol

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hearings bannerSupporters of Assembly Bill 203, a bill to enact legal safeguards to protect Wisconsin's National Guard from unlawful overseas deloyments, will be turning out at the State Capitol in Madison on March 9 for a public hearing before the Assembly's Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. "This hearing will give us an opportunity to make the case that Guard deployments to Iraq are illegal, and to bring forth testimony about the impact of those deployments on Wisconsin's Guard and their families," said Jim Draeger, WNPJ chair and statewide coordinator of the "Bring the Guard Home - It's the Law!" campaign.

Majority want timeline to end Afghan war

The majority of Americans want the Obama Administration to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, CBS News reports. 54% think the U.S. should set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, with 41% opposed.

Mainers fill Capitol to say "Bring Our War $ Home!"

Hundreds of people filled the Maine Capitol on April 4 to make the connection between austerity at home and endless war abroad, as part of the Maine "Bring Our War $ Home" campaign. 

Joanne Twomey, Mayor of Biddeford, Maine said, "In the city of Biddeford, we are cutting $1.6 million in our education budget. It's my responsibility as mayor to start saying if our priorities were straight, if we could bring these war dollars home, I wouldn't have to be doing this, and neither would the Biddeford school board." Twomey also cited data from the National Priorities Project data showing that Maine could have put 21 incoming classes at U Maine through four years of in-state tuition for the money the state had sent to Washington, D.C. for war. Read more...

Madison: Vets, supporters, turn out for Safeguard the Guard

On March 9, 2010, more than 30 veterans and supporters turned out in support of Assembly Bill 203, a bill to give the Wisconsin Governor the authority to review all federal orders for Wisconsin Guard troops, and to refuse any deployment order determined to be unlawful. Many thanks to Paul McMahon of Heartland Images for the photographs below.

Madison vigil remembers victims of Iraq war

As the Dec. 31st withdrawal deadline for U.S. forces in Iraq recently passed, a candlelight vigil in Madison sought to keep alive the memory of those killed in the war, with a solemn reading of the names of war victims, including Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers. Iraqi voices were represented with a reading of a statment, "Now That You Have Destroyed Our Country, Withdrawing Is Not Enough," by Fallah Alwan, President of the Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq. (Photo by Callen Harty)

Madison Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends - BOW$H "minute"

Minute to support the Bring Our War $ Home campaign of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice - approved by the Madison Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends November 3, 2013:


LZ Lambeau: Welcome home or a glorification of war?

LZ Lambeau, planned for May 21-23 at Lambeau field in Green Bay and billed as a "welcome home" for Wisconsin's Vietnam veterans, has now attracted criticism from veterans who are concerned that the event could be used by the military to glorify war and recruit youth into the military. The event, whose name plays on the Vietnam-era term for a Landing Zone where helicopter-borne troops were brought into battle, is sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television and state veterans agencies and organizations. But Veterans for Peace has gotten a cold shoulder from event organizers, who prohibited the group's Memorial Mile - a display of more than 5,000 tombstones representing U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan - from appearing at the event. VFP member Will Williams (left) says authorities

Love letter to friends on Jeju Island, from Dr Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul

Dear friends on Jeju Island: Sung Hee, Paco, Silver, Sister Stella, Dr Park and many others at Gangjeong Village,

I lived in a gorgeous agricultural village in Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan for seven years and like yourselves on Jeju Island in South Korea, every morning, I woke up to a window scene of ‘heaven’.

No eyes would believe that wars had brought ‘hell’ to occupy this land.

I imagine you walking on the simple yet unpolluted paths in Gangjeong Village and that if you stopped for a little breather, you’ll be caressed and cared for by the tree shadows with their sunlight, the chatty play of the neighbourhood children, and the wafts of floral perfume dancing by.

Neither you nor the villagers I lived among would want to lose your aviary-like homes to Greed.

Los Angeles Bring Our War $ Home resolution

Passed by the Los Angeles City Council, July 5, 2011, by a vote of 12-1


WHEREAS, any official position of the City of Los Angeles with respect to legislation, rules, regulations or policies proposed or pending before a local, state, or federal government body or agency must have first been adopted in the form of a Resolution by the City Council with the concurrence of the Mayor; and

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