More house support than ever for end to Afghan war

The House of Representatives narrowly defeated, 215-204, an amendment Thursday calling for a timeframe and completion date for the war in Afghanistan. A switch of six votes would have passed it.

Twenty-six Republicans, including Rep. Tom Petri of Wisconsin (pictured), joined 178 Democrats and voted in favor of the amendment by Reps. Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC).

The roll call showed six GOP freshmen voting yes, but neither Sean Duffy nor Reid Ribble, the two Wisconsin frosh, were among them. All Wisconsin Dems voted yes, and Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner, Duffy and Ribble voted no.

Send encouragement to a Wisconsin activist imprisoned in Georgia

Nukewatch activist Bonnie Urfer (left), a resident of Luck, Wisconsin, is one of eight "nuclear resisters" now being held in jail in Georgia awaiting sentencing on Federal charges. Urfer was one of twelve activists who crossed over on to the federal side of the fence at the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, at the conclusion of Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, a protest against the Y-12 facility's role in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Take Action: Send your letters of support to: (note new address!)  Bonnie Urfer, ID 8957- Irwin County Detention Center-132 Cotton Dr, Ocilla, GA 31774.  (include your return address on the envelope) - Accounts have been set up to allow the defendants to make purchases from the prison commissary. Contributions for that purpose should be sent to Sue Ablao, Ground Zero Center For Nonviolent Action, 16159 Clear Creek Road NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370. Donations should be by check, made out to "Sue Ablao" with a note that the donation is for the use of the Y-12 protesters. 

Drones in Libya, drone opposition in Mauston

Kathy KellyLast week, the Obama administration began using drone aircraft to bomb Libya.  As Free Speech Radio News reported:

Opponents say the use of armed drones oversteps the U.S. role in Libya. Others point to the CIA’s drone program in Pakistan, which has led to many civilian deaths and has grown increasingly unpopular with both civilians and leaders in Pakistan.

At WNPJ's recent steering committee meeting in Mauston, near where the WI National Guard wants to build a drone aircraft training facility, international human rights activist Kathy Kelly shared stories of the tragic human cost of drone warfare.  You can listen to Kathy Kelly's talk via the WORT 89.9 FM website (link to play in browser, link to download).

Growing opposition to drone warfare is needed.  A new report -- from the British Defense Ministry, no less -- warns that drone aircraft may "lead future decision-makers to 'resort to war as a policy option far sooner than previously.'"

Please print out and collect signatures on our petition against the WI drone facility, and ask groups you're affiliated with to sign on to our organizational letter.

What's your share of the Afghanistan war?

Rethink Afghanistan has developed a handy "Cost of War Calculator" that can tell you how much of your federal taxes this year went to pay for the Afghanistan war and other military spending. Calculations are based on a budget analysis by the National Priorities Project. Rethink Afghanistan also offers an option to send an "IOU" certificate to your Congressional representative. Click on the image to launch the Cost of War Calculator.

WNPJ Blog: "...and then they charged us"

WNPJ member Bonnie Block reports on her experience as a member of a delegation attempting to deliver a letter to Secretary of War Robert Gates:

"The officer in charge quickly repeated 'This is your first warning, this is your second warning, this is your third warning' and then they charged us. I saw more police officers coming through the other side of the metal detector. Next, I saw a police officer pushing an activist and running her into a post along a sidewalk leading to the road where police vans were parked."

Read and comment here...

Wisconsin activists involved in Pentagon action

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 8, 2011 Contact:  Joy First    608 239-4327

Forty groups say "No!" to drone training facility in Wisconsin

Drone aircraftDid you know that a drone aircraft training facility is proposed for Wisconsin?  It would cost state taxpayers $400,000, and further involve us in warfare that violates international law and causes immense human suffering.

Forty organizations, including WNPJ, recently sent a letter to legislators objecting to the facility proposed for Volk Field Air National Guard Base in central Wisconsin. Wisconsin's share of the $8 million construction costs is being considered as part of the ongoing state budget process. 

Click here to print WNPJ's petition (.pdf) for individuals, against the drone facility.

Click here to sign an online version of WNPJ's petition against the drone facility.

Click here for more information on the proposed drone facility.

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