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MRSCP announces *Al Samud Playground is complete! & *... an opportunity to host a high school student in the fall!

Madison Rafah Sistr City Project is pleased to announce that the fundraising campaign for the Al Samud Playground is complete!  Thank you so much to all our generous supporters who have helped make this wonderful Playgrounds for Palestine play space possible.If you haven't seen it (or if you just want to be cheered up by seeing it again!) be sure to check out this short video about the playground including background, installation and children using the new equipment.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group Colombia Support Network

What is the Colombia Support Network? CSN is the oldest, continuing voice on the Web for human rights in Colombia.  We issue Urgent Actions, News and Special Reports to act as a voice for reason and humanity for this war-torn country.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group, UNA USA Dane County

Mission Statement: UNA Dane County is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and mobilizing people in South-Central Wisconsin to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations. This group started meeting in the late 1940’s!

Sister City Project Update • April 2022

Richland Center, WI and Santa Teresa, Nicaragua, have been sister cities  for 35 years! The Sister City Project has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people in three generations.  We have helped protect the environment, with its tropical dry forest and migratory endangered sea turtles and birds. Twenty-five years ago, Santa Teresa mayor José Martinez asked us to focus on the municipality’s sea turtles and poorest villages, in Chacocente Wildlife  Refuge.

Spotlight on the WNPJ member group - Madison Friends Meeting

(photo:During two weeks in September a drilling crew sank ten geothermal wells in our parking lot.)

Madison Friends Meeting (Quakers) has a long history of work on social justice concerns. In recent years we have experimented with strengthening our effectiveness by identifying two focus issues for our work. Currently these are anti-racism and addressing climate change. 

Spotlight on several peace groups around the state....north, south, east and west!

Give Peace a Chance! WNPJ’s Spotlight is on several WNPJ peace groups around the state…..

WNPJ offers.....

WNPJ acts as a connector, catalyst, incubator, amplifier and reflection space for current and prospective members and groupsJoin us!

Please send events, announcements and action alerts to

We send a compilation of Action Alerts, Upcoming Events and News from our Member Organizations near the beginning of each week. You choose which ones you want to read about and act on!  Sign up here


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