We Are Not Charlie Hebdo! - Madison

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Thurs. April 30th 7:00 pm  122 State St. Rm. 200.  We Are Not Charlie Hebdo!  Only one version of the Charlie Hebdo affair made the mainstream media: "Muslim extremists kill cartoonists and Jews." An officially-orchestrated response - "je suis Charlie" - followed.  But is there another side to the story?  Disturbing facts quickly emerged. Politicians, big media, the security industry, and arms manufacturers all rushed to cash in. And freedom of speech in France - the supposed target of the terrorists - was rolled back by the French government. Even as millions marched for Charlie, millions more sensed that something was very, very wrong. In We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, twenty-one leading public intellectuals refuse the invitation to identify with "Je Suis Charlie."  This new anthology explores why.  Info?  https://www.createspace.com/5404955