2008/11/19: Public support for bold climate action and a new green economy - 1sky!


(Madison, WI) On November 18th, over 4,000 grassroots climate activists in all fifty states knocked on the doors of their Congressional leaders’ offices two weeks after the election, to welcome them and demonstrate the tremendous public support for bold climate action and a new green economy.

Wisconsin activists were especially enthusiastic, having recently defeated a proposal for the construction of a major new coal-fired power plant in Cassville. The plant was rejected by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission after an unprecedented outpouring of public opposition, led by environmental group Clean Wisconsin.


1sky here in Wisconsin (a WNPJ member group) coordinated a great success, with six deliveries to state representatives, six media hits, and 71 activists participating. The events and couldn’t have been possible without the participation of the incredible coalition that we’ve built up in Madison and around the state. Special thanks to speakers Spencer Black, John Imes, Bishop Marque Duncan, as well as all the Power Vote students from UW Madison. Thanks to Pam, Charlie, Ryan, Lee, Jennifer, Jessica, and Judy Miner for helping to get the word out and coming to show solidarity! Finally, BIG THANKS to Doug for coming ALL the way down from Stevens Point to bring us those incredible solar panels and wind turbines. John Stewart - jstewart@greencorps.org