Communications Coordinator - Milwaukee

Job Title:  Communications Coordinator with Wisconsin Jobs Now                                                         

Purpose:  Manage communications for a nonprofit community organization fighting for economic justice.  Develop and coordinate communication strategy and messaging for members and community coalition allies.
(Examples provide a general summary of the work required and should not be treated as a total and complete list of expected duties to be performed by employees in this classification.)
Campaign/Organization Communications:
·         Develops message and message discipline among members, activists, and community coalition partners
·         Manages media relations in coordination with community coalition spokespeople
·         Identifies and develops spokespeople for public speaking including media interviews
·         Writes campaign talking points, speeches, press materials
·         Develops campaign literature including leaflets, walk pieces, petitions, postcards, brochures, briefs and backgrounders
·         Develops fundraising messaging and materials
·         Coordinates with New Media staff regarding online campaign needs including website content, list development, videos, and texts
·         Manages campaign event communications, i.e. strategy, message, location, signage, visuals, materials, media outreach, spokesperson prep, event flow and agenda
·         Coordinates communications with area union members
·         Performs other duties as assigned
Must be able to represent the campaign and organization with local leaders, members, staff, and outside organizations using independent judgment and a high level of professionalism.
Interfaces with high level organizational and external contacts, including:
·         Internal:  officers, senior staff, project and program managers, field, political, and organizing directors, local union officers and staff.
·         External:  news media, politicians, government officials, partners, allies, and funders.
·         Vendors:  design and production companies, consultants, pollsters, freelancers, video and multi-media producers, advertising agencies, commercial printers.
Ensures that sophisticated choices are made about appropriate vendors and support services.
Decision Making:
·         Must have demonstrated ability to manage own work and work of others without supervision.
·         Requires a high level of judgment and ability to take initiative and work independently.
·         Must use a high level of judgment and discretion in resolving problems.
·         Must maintain a high level of confidentiality in handling organizational affairs.
·         Must be able to work with elected leaders and senior staff in complex and sometimes politically sensitive situations.
·         Must be able to act and organize time with extreme independence.
·         Must be able to handle multiple “top-priority” projects simultaneously and set and meet deadlines, and ensure that staff team does the same.
Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in communications or related field.  Five to eight years of related work experience or a combination of education and experience that would provide for the following knowledge, skills and abilities:
·         Experience developing and implementing strategy on a wide range of campaigns, including organizing, contract, political, and legislative, as well as experience working with community allies.
·         Thorough knowledge of media relations strategies.
·         Thorough knowledge of electronic and print media systems. Knowledge of advertising techniques and familiarity with all aspects of literature, audio visual, and online production process required.
·         Excellent writing, verbal, and analytical skills.
·         Demonstrated capacity to continuously develop knowledge and skills related to use of rapidly changing technology.
·         Knowledge of unions or other advocacy organizations.
·         Skill in the use of personal computer including Microsoft Office Suite.
Physical Requirements:
Work is generally performed in an office setting, but job may require work in the field or in other settings to perform the tasks required to complete assignments. Long and irregular hours.


Jennifer Epps-Addison

Executive Director
Wisconsin Jobs Now 
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Address: 1862 West Fond du Lac Ave
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