2008/11/07: Universal health care intiatives sweep Wisconsin

Wisconsin voters sent a loud and clear message to their state legislators that they want quick action on universal health care, returning a resounding "yes" to the question: "Shall the next state Legislature enact health care reform legislation by December 31st, 2009 that guarantees every Wisconsin resident affordable health care coverage as good as what is provided to state legislators?"  The initiatives appeared on the ballot in 22 Wisconsin municipalities, and not a single initiative failed. Voters approved the measures by margins that ranged from two-to-one in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek to nearly six-to-one in the town of Menasha.


The campaign was organized by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, and more than 32,000 Wisconsin citizens signed petitions to place the initiatives on the ballot. "The referendums laid down a clear line between real health care reform and half measures, and the voters of Wisconsin overwhelmingly chose bold reform," said Robert Kraig, Citizen Action program director.