Conservation Congress passes resolutions against mining law

A resolution to repeal the Iron Mining Bill (SB/AB 1) submitted by WNPJ members and allies at the April 8 Conservation Congress passed by wide margins in all four counties in which it was introduced. The total vote was 49-6 in Clark County, 221-67 in Dane County, 32-6 in LaCrosse County, and 158 to 79 in Milwaukee County. Total 460 yes, 158 no. The vote tallies are especially significant considering the resolution did not come to the floor for discussion until the end of the formal agenda, around 11:00 p.m. in Dane County.

The resolution has been referred to the Conservation Congress Environmental Committee for study. The committee will determine whether to place the measure on the statewide ballot for next year's hearings. Stay tuned for action alerts.

Unique to Wisconsin, the Conservation Congress is an advisory body to the Department of Natural Resources formed of delegates elected by citizen vote. Congress hearings occur simultaneously in all 72 counties once a year, allowing all Wisconsin residents to vote on proposals related to conservation and natural resources management. The opinion of Wisconsin's outdoorsmen and women is clear--mining companies should not be allowed to write laws in our state!