Ashland forum condemns mountaintop removal in Appalachia and Wisconsin

On December 6, the Mining Impact Coalition hosted a forum at the Northland College Alvord Theater with Appalachian mining activist Bob Kincaid, Bad River Tribal Chair Mike Wiggins, and Jessica Koski from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in Michigan. All three speakers gave powerful testimony about how damaging metallic mining is to the health, economy, and water of the communities that are impacted. Kincaid pointed out that 4,000 people a year die from causes related to mining in Appalachia, and iron mining in Wisconsin would have similar effects here.All three speakers said that the push for mining is driven by the corporate drive for profit, not jobs or meeting human needs, and that new mining legislation to be introduced this winter should be defeated. The forum can be watched on the Indian Country TV website.