Board member duties

Terms on the WNPJ Board of Directors last two years, and start and end at our Fall Member Assembly, which is held in October.


WNPJ Board Member Job Description

From WNPJ’s by-laws (Find bylaws here)

The Board shall meet at least quarterly to oversee the operation of the WNPJ. The Board shall develop and adopt a budget to carry out the priorities set at the General Assembly meeting. It shall set policy and procedures for the operation of the WNPJ. It shall approve the recommendation of the officers in personnel issues, and in the hiring and termination of staff, in accordance with those policies and procedures. It may initiate and organize statewide actions. …

The Board Chair or Co-chair shall] grant excused absences from the Board meetings. … A member's unexcused absence from three consecutive Board meetings shall be considered to constitute a resignation from the Board.


Board Job Description (approved by consensus April 16, 2011)

Overview - Grassroots-led social change efforts rely on the skills, experience and passion of all involved.  Board members volunteer not only to guide and strengthen WNPJ, but also to contribute towards the broader movement for peace, justice and sustainability.

Participation - Board members shall:

  • Regularly attend Board meetings and other events of importance to WNPJ, such as the Spring Steering Committee meeting and Fall Assembly;
  • Contribute meaningfully to Board discussions and decisions, including by preparing for meetings, reading correspondence, and reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports;
  • Participate actively with at least one committee or work group;
  • Build positive relationships that contribute to consensus building;
  • Assist in the recruitment of new Board members with a range of perspectives, experiences and expertise;
  • Serve as an ambassador for WNPJ, helping to make connections and convey WNPJ's mission, values and programs to various communities.

Values, Oversight and Support - Board members shall:

  • Ensure WNPJ's financial health by providing budgetary oversight and assisting with fundraising activities;
  • Ensure WNPJ's organizational health by participating in evaluation and planning efforts; and
  • Have a commitment to recognize and eliminate structural violence, including racism, sexism, classism and white privilege.

Conflict of Interest - Board members shall offer advice and base decisions on the best interests of WNPJ.  If there is a potential conflict between a Board member's personal or professional interests and those of WNPJ, the Board member shall fully disclose the potential conflict.  The Chair or Co-chairs, in consultation with staff, shall decide whether disclosure is sufficient to address the potential conflict, or whether the Board member should withdraw from related discussions or votes, or whether other measures should be taken.