Action Alert - Milwaukee: Protect rights of those held by police

A resolution currently before the Milwaukee County Board would change the way local police respond to detention requests received from Federal immigration authorities when people are detained for minor offenses. Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issue an "immigration detainer" to local officials for any person booked into a local jail who may be potentially subject to deportation, regardless of the seriousness of the booking charge. Immigration detainers are not mandatory, and local officials can -- and sometimes do -- refuse to honor them. ICE frequently issues detainers in error, for people who should not be deported. Last year, a third of ICE deportation requests were rejected by immigration judges. Read more here (.pdf)

Take Action: The resolution (.pdf) would direct Milwaukee County law enforcement to follow the example of cities such as Taos, New Mexico, which prohibits the honoring of Federal immigration detainers except in the case of persons convicted of a felony or two more more misdemeanors. Supporters of the resolution need 10 votes to ensure its passage, and 13 votes to override a possible veto by the County Executive, and have identified five board members who are most in need of calls in support of the resolution. Below is the list of board members to contact. Please call or email them to urge them to support the resolution introduced by Supervisor Romo West on responding to ICE detainers.

Contact for more info: Elena Lavarreda, Voces de la Frontera, 414-643-1620,

County Supervisor District Phone # Email
David Bowen 10th (414) 278-4265
Michael Mayo 7th (414) 278-4241
Russell Stamper 5th (414) 278-4261
David Cullen 15th (414) 278-4263
Theodore Lipscomb 1st (414) 278-4257